How far is remote ? 250km to the closest supermarket !!! Outback Australia

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Did you know that there are private properties in Australia that are bigger than some countries? These massive outback sheep or cattle properties are known as stations and are like nothing you can possibly imagine unless you have experienced it for yourself.

Well guess what, you are going to get to come and live the remote station life with us as Leigh fulfils one of his childhood dreams. We have taken the opportunity to work for a short period on a 170,000 acre station in outback NSW Australia.

Come with us this week as we take a last minute offer and begin the journey in our Land Rover camper from South Australia to NSW.

We stock up on food and supplies to last us 4-5 weeks and head towards something truly remarkable.

Join us as we travel the world overland, exploring the cultures and traditions of all the countries we visit.
In our Land Rover Defender camper which is our full time home we will take you rock climbing, hiking and exploring across all the continents on this planet.

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Flicks Infocus 26 days ago

We buy that much every 2nd day, LOL

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