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In this amazing video we will see Animals 8K With names and real sounds.
In this video you will see wild animals with nature relaxing sounds and forest sounds. In this 8K ULTRA HD video you will experience 1500 animals with name with an amazing dolby atmos test and wild animals videos with birds.
You can also see this video in 4k 60fps and 4k hdr 60fps if your device allows 4K resolution.
It is estimated that more than 7.7 million species of animals inhabit planet Earth 8K, but nearly 80% of the species are still undiscovered.
In the sea, in lakes, on the surface of the earth, in Antarctica or anywhere on the planet, you can find some kind of animal sounds adapted to the conditions and the ecosystem in which it lives.
On Earth, animals names live with a large number of living beings, many of them yet to be discovered or cataloged. However, it can be affirmed that more than 7.7 million species of animals inhabit planet Earth.

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Used Gear:
Canon - Sony - Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Photoshop - Lightroom CC

Amazing & Beautiful 1500 ANIMALS NAMES and SOUNDS 8K HDR 60FPS (FUHD) Demo 8K ULTRA HD


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